Thermodyanamic Databases

Thermodynamic calculations require a thermodynamic database for the material system of interest. Thermodynamic databases of multi-component systems have been developed by a team of experts for a variety of commercial alloys. A list of available thermodynamic databases can be found here.

PanTiAl database has been combined with PanTi database.

Significant improvement has been made for PanFe thermodynamic database. 

Mobility Databases

In addition to the thermodynamic databases. We have also developed mobility databases for the simulation of diffusion-controlled kinetic processes, such as solidification, precipitation, homogenization of alloys, recrystallization and protective coatings. Available mobility databases can be found here.

Molar Volume Databases

Molar volume databases have been developed for PanAl, PanCo, PanFe, PanHEA, PanMg, PanMo, PanNb, PanNi, PanTi, and MDTCu. Examples can be found here.

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