PanEngine API

PanEngine API is a dynamic linked library (dll) which can be linked with user’s in-house codes to create customized applications

PanEngine API is a dynamically linked library (DLL) for multi-component thermodynamics and phase equilibrium calculations. It has an application program interface (API) for a user's custom program to access the functions in PanEngine. PanEngine API is available for both Windows and Linux. Some unique functions in PanEngine are:

  • Global optimization for automatically finding the stable phase equilibria
  • Automatic search for liquidus surface, and calculation of liquidus slope and partition coefficient
  • Calculation of thermodynamic factor and mobility
  • Solidification simulation with Scheil and Lever-Rule

Figure 1: Applications of PanEngine API

Figure 2: Dendrite morphology of an Al-3.9wt%Cu-0.9wt%Mg alloy solidified with 0.78 K/s, (a) experiment and (b) simulation

Figure 3: Yield strength of A357 casting simulated by ProCAST © ESI Group

· Easy-to-use application programing interface (API)

· Global search of stable phase equilibrium

· Automatic search of liquidus surface

· Calculation of liquidus slope and partition coefficient

· Calculation of thermodynamic factor and mobility

· Calculation of chemical driving force

· Calculation of thermodynamic properties at a given point


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