PanSolution - Thermodynamic Database for Multiple Binary Systems

1. General Infromation

This database includes 79 elements and covers a total of 742 binary systems.  A total of 1939 phases including various multicomponent solution phases and many important intermetallic compounds have been assessed in PanSolution database. The composition ranges are limited to the assessed binary systems. Extrapolation to the ternaries may not be accurate.


Pansolution database can be used as a reference library for binary phase diagrams. User can obtain a lot of useful information via calculations, such as phase composition range, invariant reactions, liquidus temperatures and so on. User may also examine phase stabilities in ternary or high order systems via simple assumption of extrapolation. The assessed binary phase diagrams in PanSolution database can also be accessed through the following website:

2. Assessed Binary Systems

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