PanIron_MB - mobility database for the austenite (Fcc_A1), ferrite (Bcc_A2) and liquid phases  of iron-rich alloys.

  • The assessed self-, impurity and chemical diffusion data are used to optimize the activation energies and model parameters.
  • The mobility database has been validated by many commercial steels, such as Fe-Al-Co-Cr and Fe-Cr-Ni-Mn-C systems.

Applications - It is intended to use with PanIron thermodynamic database for the simulation of diffusion-controlled kinetic processes, such as solidification, homogenization, precipitation, carburization, nitriding etc.


Following figure shows  the calculated mobility in the fcc Fe-Ni-Al ternary alloys comparing with experimental data at various temperatures. Reasonable agreement is found between the calculated and measured data.


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