PanDifffusion provides a rich variety of applications including diffusion couple, homogenization, carbonization, phase transformation, particle dissolution, and so on. The boundary condition and geometry of simulation can be easily set for any applications.

New Features of PanDiffusion Module

  • Carbonization simulation: Users can now simulate carbonization under three types of boundary conditions: fixed carbon composition, assigned environmental carbon activity, and customized carbon flux at the boundary. The following figure shows an example calculation for the case of given carbon activity

  • Particle dissolution: A new feature has been developed to simulate particle dissolution.

The following figures show γ' dissolution in Ni-Al binary system and dissolution of Si particle in Al-Si binary system.

  • Phase transformation: A new function has been developed to simulate phase transformation and interface movement between a stable phase and a metastable phase. The following figure shows an example calculation of gamma transformed to alpha in Fe-Si-C system.

PanDiffusion Architecture

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